VIRTUS, where does the name come from?

Virtus is a derived from Greek Mythology with Virtus being the god of Virtue and Valor.  Its Latin originations carries connotations of excellence, character and value. 

Virtus Mortgage Broking Services

We are built on a client first culture, providing superior value to clients and consistently facilitating strong outcomes.  Virtus provides a level of excellence that has the company widely regarded as one to the best performing Brokerage firms in Australia.    


Think of us as your trusted advisor and not a “Broker”. Our team of finance experts are there for your journey, not just your next transaction. The Virtus team pride themselves on working with their clients to achieve not only their immediate financial goals but also their long term goals.

Getting the lender selection and loan right could potentially save you tens of thousands of dollars which could cut years off your mortgage or allow you to access the available equity to either upgrade your home or purchase another investment property.

The Virtus team have over 50 lenders on panel and will leverage our strong relationships with these lenders to get achieve great outcomes for our clients.